Our Community

At Innisfree Hotels we use an expanded spectrum of criteria for measuring success that values people, communities, sustainability and profit in equal measure. We explore, value and celebrate diversity of class, age, race, gender, culture, ethnicity and religion.

We assume responsibility for, and remain accountable to, our individual and collective actions. We believe that being a principled corporate citizen entails recognizing a need to protect the environment by implementing sustainable business practices, and by supporting the communities in which we operate.

We believe the humanity and dignity of everyone we encounter must be recognized, valued and respected.

To these ends, Innisfree strives to foster a workplace that promotes a culture of responsibility and service to humanity. 

We work to create opportunities for our employees and associates to participate in the creation of a more civil society.

We place great value on creativity, collaboration, new ideas and innovation.

Our drive to be a model corporate citizen inspires us to outperform our competitors by engaging in innovative problem-solving that improves the way we serve our customers, treat our employees and conduct our day-to-day business.