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Innisfree Jet Center Gets FBO Status & Google Virtual Tour

Innisfree Jet Center

Innisfree’s CEO and founder Julian MacQueen has three life long passions: hospitality, aviation and technology.  Now his passions are converging with a Gulf Coast first.

On March 25, 2013 a uniquely qualified photographer, Steve Saccuo, will arrive from Florida’s state capital to shoot a Google 360 Tour of the Innisfree Jet Center.  Saccuo is the only photographer in northwest Florida certified by Google to shoot 360 Tours.

Google 360 Tours are the newest feature on Google Maps. Sure, it’s fun using Google Street View to take a virtual walk down Main Street, but what about getting a look inside the points of interest you see along the way?

Google 360 enables web users to explore the insides businesses, world landmarks and natural wonders. Google users can now hike the Grand Canyon or tour The White House from the comfort of the internet.  The map feature was launched in September 2012 and The Innisfree Jet Center will be the first business on the Gulf Coast to create and post a tour.

Saccuo will use High Dynamic Range photographs to render a realistic depiction of the center’s interior. “This is the best possible representation of what a property truly is. It enables people to explore in virtually the same way they would if they were on a walking tour,” he explains. Jet Center Conference Room

Once launched the tour will automatically display in web searches as a function of Google Maps.
Innisfree chose the Jet Center from among its many Gulf Coast properties for this innovative project to celebrate its recent designation as a Fixed Based Operation (FB0). The primary function of an FBO is to sell fuel to private airplane owners. The Innisfree Jet Center received its FBO status on November 1, 2012.

The Jet Center is also the perfect candidate for Pensacola’s first Google 360 tour because it is an interesting local place that most people don’t get to visit. Jet Center General Manager Carl Braddock says, “This is a beautiful building with luxurious interior design, art and unique amenities. The 360 tour will enable us open our doors to everyone.”

The Jet Center opened in 2007. The plan was to use it as a hanger for MacQueen’s personal airplanes, as well as a sales office for Innnisfree’s condo developments. A year later the bottom fell out of the real estate market necessitating a new plan for the building.
Braddock spearheaded a four-year effort to procure an FBO designation that included countless political meetings, and a mountain of paperwork.

The Innisfree Jet Center is a high-end state of the art facility. It offers guests unique amenities like classic GTOs courtesy cars, a putting green, full commercial kitchen and hotel style sleep room. However, it’s Braddock’s convictions about southern hospitality that make the Jet Center a special place.

“Even though this is a high-end place we don’t have our noses in the air. We truly do practice southern hospitality. There are so many nice
FBOs in America but we will welcome you with wide open arms and treat you like family,” notes Braddock proudly.

Rave reviews by Jet Center clients posted on aviation industry sites for the Jet Center bare this out. Soon everyone be able to see what all the fuss is about thanks to the 360 tour.