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Hampton Inn Gulf Front Hotel, Pensacola Beach, FL

Innisfree Hotels purchased the Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach in December 2005.  In September of the previous year, the property was badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan and as a result the hotel was closed and awaiting renovation.  The structure was sound but there was significant cosmetic damage; sixty percent of the drywall was destroyed or water damaged, the pool and landscaping was in shambles and the carpets and furniture were damaged beyond repair.

Local contractors were asked for proposals and estimated it would take six months to complete the project.  After reviewing submitted proposals the Innisfree development team determined they would act as construction manager and be heavily involved with selection of trades and materials.  As a result, we were able to complete the restoration in three months and the hotel was open for business in April 2006.  

Our development team was on site every day to supervise the trades and monitor the schedule to ensure a timely completion. The construction management team included two project managers, a senior project manager, a purchasing agent and a project accountant.  In addition to the construction manager there were twenty specialty contractors involved in the project.

All aspects of the hotel were upgraded in accordance to Hampton Inn brand standards.  Construction crews updated the plumbing and electrical systems, installed new drywall, gutted and renovated the bathrooms and textured and painted the guestroom walls.   The site lighting was improved; brighter indoor lights were installed and the outdoor lights were replaced. The pools were refinished, Gilligan’s Tiki Bar was rebuilt and a landscape contractor repaired the hurricane damage to the pool deck and hotel grounds.  New carpets and furnishings were installed. 

The cost of the renovation was approximately $5.5 million.